Hampshire Croquet Team - The Hogs - 2009

Organiser:  Brian Fisk  
Squad Brian Fisk (-0.5) played in 2005,6,7,8 - member of Littleton CC
  Julie Hudson (2.5) played in 2005,6,7,8 - born in Hampshire
  John McMordie (0) played in 205,6,7,8 - residence
  Mike Town (0) played in 2005,6,7,8 and before
  James Tuttiet (-1) residence, played in 2005,6,7,8 and member of Littleton CC and Winchester CC
  Graham Gale (2.5) played in 2005,6,7,8 and before
  Dave Nicholson (-1) residence, played in 2005,7,8 and member of Winchester CC
  Nigel Hind (0.5) residence, played in 2008 and member of Winchester CC

 Intercounties 2009 (23-26th May)

The draw can be found on the  CA web site

Saturday 23rd Compton

vs Warwickshire and the Channel Islands - evening bye

Sunday 24th Southwick

vs Gloucestershire, Sussex, and Middlesex

Brian Fisk  WC
James Tuttiet  WC
Graham Gale WC
David Nicholson  WC
John McMordie  WC
Nigel Hind  WC
Brian Fisk  GSM
James Tuttiet  GSM
Julie Hudson GS
David Nicholson  GSM
Mike Town  GSM
John McMordie  GM
Graham Gale  SM

Monday 25th Southwick

vs Wiltshire, Kent, and Bedfordshire

Tuesday 26th Southwick

vs CA Select and Yorkshire; no evening match

Brian Fisk  WK
James Tuttiet  WKB
Julie Hudson WB
Mike Town  WB
Graham Gale  KB
John McMordie  KB
David Nicholson  WKB
Nigel Hind  WK
Brian Fisk  Y
James Tuttiet  CY
Julie Hudson CY
Mike Town  Y
Graham Gale  C
John McMordie  C
David Nicholson  CY
Nigel Hind  CY

If you missed David playing croquet with Georgie Palmer (or my feet) then try this link David & Georgie